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Mom Shares 6-Year-Old Son’s Moving Rain Dance As He’s Learning to Embrace His Native Culture

He’s got so much passion.

Passing on culture and traditions to their children is a big part of many parents' lives, but seeing their kids actually embrace those traditions is pretty magical in itself. Teaching these things to the younger generation ensures that they live on — as long as that generation is passionate enough to keep them going.

One little boy on TikTok is going viral after his mom shared a video of him doing a rain dance that he learned from his Native culture. This kid definitely has passion; it's easy to see that this truly means something important to him.

"My son who is proud to be Native is grass dancing in the rain," Mom wrote when she shared the video. 


"As soon as he stopped there was lighting and a clap of thunder. Our ancestors saw him and heard him loud and clear," she added in one of the comments. Whoa! 

This video left an impression on so many people who watched it, with many feeling pride for this little boy who they had never met.

"I am so proud of you little man! You honor your ancestors with your dance. They see you," one user wrote.

Another person commented, "you dance and do your ancestors proud. It's a privilege to watch you honor your heritage." 

It looks like this mom can definitely count on her son to carry on the traditions she taught him. How amazing this is to see!