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Mom Lets Natural Consequences of Son Kicking Daughter Play Out and Now Everyone’s Learned a Lesson From It

It is what it is.

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Parenting one child is hard enough, but adding another kid (or more) to the family and juggling them all can be absolutely exhausting. Not only are you raising all of these kids at their different ages and stages, but you also somehow become a referee at the same time. Siblings fight, it's totally normal... but that doesn't mean breaking up those fights or preventing them from happening in the first place is easy!

While some parents might choose to use tools like time out or taking away privileges when their kids get into a scuffle, this mom on TikTok is taking another approach. Instead, she let "natural consequences" take the lead on her kids' latest fight, and it sounds like it might have worked. 

She told the story of what happened when her youngest told on his older brother for kicking their sister. When she found the kids, her daughter was really upset, and her son explained that they were playing a game and said he got carried away. Mom asked him what he thought she should do in this situation. After a bit of thinking, he admitted he couldn't come up with a solution, but he knew he should apologize.

However, his sister ignored him when he apologized, and Mom took this opportunity to teach him the lesson that apologizing doesn't always fix things for the person who was hurt, and that hurting people has consequences, even when you're sorry for it.

Hopefully, this is what he will remember next time he gets carried away while playing, and we love that Mom didn't force an apology from his sister, either. Sounds like everyone learned a valuable lesson from this (us included). 

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