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Indigenous Family Shares the Navajo Tradition of Giving Their Toddler a “Snow Bath”

He handles it like a champ!

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Every culture has its own traditions when it comes to the seasons, just as every culture has its own ways of raising children. The Navajo tradition of a "snow bath," for example, is supposed to help people to "remain strong" and prepare for hard times ahead, according to Travel + Leisure.  

In this video from @thecrankswhanau, we see a baby's first snow bath. "Baby's snow bathing is a Navajo tradition to remain strong and be prepared for hardships," the mom wrote. "Before judging, please be culturally educated. It was also my very first snow bath. Doing it with our baby was even more special. As much as my husband is respectful of my culture; I love, embrace, and respect his."

Wow! That little girl nailed her first snow bath! No tears, no whining...maybe the whole thing happened so fast she was just too confused to react. (I'm outside in my diaper in the snow?!) Either way, she did an amazing job. The mom wrote, "One day our baby girl will return to Tahiti, where we will initiate her to the fire walking ceremony (umu ti) to purify her body and spirit." So this little girl will have some really amazing traditions to help her build a strong foundation. She'll always remember who she is. 

Commenters couldn't get over how strong the baby was to go out in the snow like that with no complaints, and loved that this family was staying true to its traditions. 
"Exposure to the elements is how people build a tolerance to survive and eventually thrive. Cold for a minute, warm for life," is how one commenter put it. 

It's so important to keep these traditions alive, and to remember that they all started for important reasons. 

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