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Dad Helps Daughter Get Ride of Loose Tooth Using a Nerf Gun

He looked more surprised it worked than her!

There are all sorts of ways to get rid of a loose tooth. You can wiggle it endlessly, you can twist it, you can move it back and forth with your tongue. Then you hear the stories about parents who get adventurous with their tooth extraction methods, usually involving tying one side of a piece of dental floss to the tooth and the other side to either a door handle or a some type of moving object. The dad in this video from @bigerinnn gets major points for his creativity, though, because he managed to remove his daughter's wiggly tooth without using any of the above methods. What did he use? This dad went rogue and used a Nerf gun.

She didn't even have time to scream it happened so fast! It's so hilarious how you can see the tiny white tooth go flying. That must be some pretty good aim dad had! No tears, no worries. Most importantly, as far as commenters were concerned, is that there was no freaking doorknob involved. These comments prove that method damaged more than a few kids:
"Better than slamming the door"
"Creative. She didnt even feel it. Thats better than the way they use to do it. String to tooth, string on doorknib, slam door! OUCH!!"
"OK but that was totally smooth I had to sit there and panic wait for the door to slam" "Man that's a way cooler way to do that than the damn doorknob"
"the anticipation of slamming that door"
Wow, people really don't get over that doorknob thing! That's not to say the Nerf gun method will necessarily become the next big innovation in loose teeth, though. You've got to have good aim, for one thing. And time to scream!