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Newborn Baby Finally Released from NICU Surprises Grandparents And They Are Totally Smitten

They weren’t expecting to see that

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When you're waiting for a baby to leave the NICU, time can seem to stretch on forever. For parents, especially, but even for grandparents and other relatives who have to sort of sit on the sidelines and just wait for the day when they can cuddle that baby in their arms. The grandma and grandpa in this video from @humankind waited for 8 weeks while their baby grandson Shai was in the NICU. They couldn't wait for him to come home, but they weren't expecting it to be on this particular day.


The way they break down is just heartbreaking. They're just so overcome with love the very second they see this tiny person in real life. It's so funny to think that this teensy little armful of person could cause two grown adults to basically fall down weeping, but it's also just incredibly sweet. And you've got to love how quickly grandpa gets comfortable holding the baby. He seems ever so slightly hesitant at first, like he's worried he'll do the wrong thing, but in no time he's relaxed into the position, swaying back and forth like a pro. Because grandmas and grandpas just know what to do.