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Dad Breaks Down the Second He Hears He’s Going to Be a Grandpa and It’s the Sweetest Thing Ever

This baby is sure to be very loved.

There's nothing sweeter than the moment someone finds out they're going to e a grandparent. And even though parents-to-be find millions of ways to break the news, some of them more elaborate than others, all it takes is a simple announcement like the one in this video from @mindsetmama_  to get a super emotional reaction. It seems like a safe bet to say that the dad in this video has been waiting to become a grandpa for a very long time, although maybe he wasn't expecting to get the news right this minute.


Awww! Prediction: That \grandpa is going to spoil the heck out of that little baby, who's going to get all the love in the world. "He picked us up from the airport when we flew home for a visit," the poster captioned the video. "I couldn’t wait to tell him." Truly there is no other secret in the world that's quite as joyful to tell. "The way his knees gave in," wrote one commenter. "That baby is so loved already." 
Definitely the best way to start out in life. 

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