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This Video Hilariously Explains What it Feels Like For a New Mom to Take Time For Herself

It's not possible without some amount of screaming involved.

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Being a new mom is tough enough with all the changes that happen to your body, those postpartum hormones, and getting used to keeping a whole human alive — and that's just scratching the surface of what challenges come up during that time. And even when it's time for baby number two to arrive, things still aren't easy, because now, you're talking care of a newborn and a big kid.

Hopefully, though, most moms have a solid support system in place to make sure they're getting the rest they need to be able to function and hear themselves think. But even the most dedicated partner can't control how the kids feel when Mom steps away for a few, as evidenced in one recent TikTok video. 


This is a sight we've all seen before: Mom is attempting to get some time to herself, but on the other side of the door, the big kid and even Dad, who is holding the new baby, are both crying and yelling her name.

"Trying to take 10 mins to yourself while being a mom to a newborn and a toddler," Mom wrote.

Yep, this is pretty typical... and lots of other parents left comments to let her know she's not alone in this.

"Pro tip: install a curtain right above the door so then they won’t see you," one person offered. 

Another wrote, "I can confirm that if you start crying harder than them they will stop crying most of the time." 

Things won't be like this forever, but for now, we hope this mama is hanging in there.