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Toddler's Attempt at Holding Her Newborn Cousin's Hand Will Break Your Heart

She doesn't understand her cousin is just a baby!

As wild as it can be to have more than one baby in the family, there's nothing cuter than seeing babies and young toddlers react to little ones who are even younger than they are! There's just one problem: Toddlers don't always understand when their much tinier relatives don't quite understand them, especially when they've been used to being the baby themselves for so long! 

In a video that is nothing short of adorable, one mom on TikTok shared what happened when her toddler daughter met her newborn cousin and so desperately wanted to hold her hand... even though the new baby obviously had no concept of what holding hands meant! 


It looks like the baby — whose name is Bridget — is sound asleep, but that doesn't stop her older cousin from saying, "hold my hand, baby Bridget" in the cutest, tiniest little toddler voice ever. Of course, Bridget doesn't move, and her cousin quickly gets frustrated, changing her tone. She totally doesn't understand why she's getting rejected! 

We don't know who we feel worse for here, the older cousin, Evie, who doesn't get to hold hands, or Baby Bridget, who clearly just wants to nap and be left alone. Either way, this one tugs at our heartstrings.

Anyone else getting a little baby fever from this video, or just us? 

Maybe one day, Evie and Bridget will be the best of friends, but for now... Evie's going to have to give her brand new cousin a little space.