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Mom Draws Eyebrows on Newborn Triplets and It’s Just Too Good

Honestly, this is the serotonin you need today!

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Let's face it: Even though all babies are beautiful, some newborns can look like aliens — yes, totally adorable aliens, but aliens all the same. While some infants make their grand entrance into the world with heads full of hair, others stay bald for months, if not the entire first year, and that goes for their eyebrows, too. Bald babies are totally precious, but in some (unexpected) cases, the lack of hair also leads to the perfect opportunity for a prank. 

For example, this mama, who saw the opportunity and absolutely ran with it. After her triplets were born, she decided to draw eyebrows on all three of them to prank their dad and big brother, and the results are truly something you have to see.

Using an eyebrow pencil, Mom went to work, and as you can see in the video, she did not use restraint. She was not trying to make these look natural; these babies got full on adult eyebrows and by the time she was done, her three baby daughters looked hilarious (and yet, somehow still cute, which we don't quite understand but whatever). 

Best of all, they seemed to enjoy getting their makeup on — those little squeals are just the best! 

In a follow up video, she shared their brother's reaction. When we tell you this kid's jaw dropped, we mean it, and we love hearing how hard his mom was laughing while he discovered they had eyebrows. Then, it was Dad's turn. When he got home, big brother got to be in on it, too. As soon as he saw his daughters, he asked, "What did you do to the girls?" LOL. 

If you have a baby without eyebrows, you might want to try this one at home. The reactions here were just too good. 

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