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Newborn Mom’s Hack Gets Her and Her Baby More Sleep Than She Ever Thought Possible

New mamas and mamas-to-be, tuck this in the back pocket.

Sleep as a new mother is elusive. Newborns and their schedules are crazy demanding, and it is especially hard if this is your first time as a mom adjusting to it. One of the biggest surprises when they are little is how much noise they make at night. Every little whimper and coo makes you jump out of bed to check on them. But as you get to know your baby better, you’ll start to be able to suss out what is a “real” cry for needed attention versus errant noise.

Through watching other TikToks, one new mom on the platform discovered a little trick in being able to tell when her daughter really needed her versus making noise.


She noted that tis is by far and away not the “cry it out” method, but, in the cacophony of noise a baby makes in the night, there is a little indicated that they aren’t full awake. In the video, we hear her daughter let out a prominent but not distressed squeal. This little sound doesn’t necessarily mean the baby needs a change or is hungry, they might just be adjusting themselves and could potentially fall back asleep. 

After the mom showed a clip of her daughter doing that during the night, some followers actually said they recognized this as an official method.

“This is the ‘pause’ method. It worked so well for us.”

That method is basically giving your baby a minute to work through their sleep cycle. By not picking them up, you’re not disrupting them and giving them an opportunity for them and you to fall back asleep. Even if it is just for an hour, it is totally worth it.