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Mom Captures Newborn Smiling at Husband For the First Time and Cue the Tears

Being a parent is the hardest, most rewarding job ever.

In those early newborn weeks and months, it can be hard to give all of your time and energy to a little potato who isn't exactly interactive. Before they can smile, laugh, and coo, it can be hard for some parents to truly bond with their babies. You're sleep deprived, you're stressed, and s some days, it feels like you have no idea if your baby even likes you or not.

But that just means that those first smiles mean the world to their parents, as this TikTok video perfectly demonstrates. A mom managed to capture the first time her baby smiled at her dad, and this footage is beyond precious.


In the video, Dad and baby are sitting together on the couch, and though he first started laughing when she smiled at him, those laughs quickly turned to tears. It's a big moment in any parent's life — it's no wonder that it ended up being a pretty emotional time for him! 

Even better was the moment when Dad realized he was being filmed, tears and all. He might not have wanted the camera on him at that moment, but he'll be so glad to have this video when his baby girl is all grown up! 

So many people who saw the video had to comment about what a special moment this was.

"He’ll spend the rest of his life trying to make her smile every day," one person wrote, while another said, "What a sweet daddy. This is going to flash before him as she grows up." 

The growing up part will happen all too fast. This is something he'll remember forever.