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Nicole Pomarico


News Writer, WeHaveKids

Nicole Pomarico is a writer and editor with experience in creating lifestyle and entertainment content across several different brands for more than a decade. She is most knowledgeable in the areas of parenting, all things celebrity and entertainment, travel, and theme parks.


  • Throughout her career as a freelance writer and editor, Nicole has contributed to outlets on a wide variety of lifestyle, parenting, and entertainment topics, including CafeMom, Cosmopolitan, InStyle, Best Life and more. 
  • Nicole has writing and editing experience across many different genres of online media, including writing personal essays relevant to current events in both Hollywood and the world at large, curating funny pop culture lists and galleries and offering expert commentary, and writing and editing breaking news, along with creating engaging social copy to promote projects and events for the brands she’s worked with in the past.  
  • When it comes to the parenting space, Nicole also has hands-on experience as a toddler mom and has often shared her motherhood experiences online in personal essays. 
  • As part of her professional experience, Nicole has curated thoroughly researched ecommerce guides for new parents, and has contributed to week-by-week pregnancy guides and similar service pieces related to all stages of parenthood, which often means consulting with pediatricians and other experts to provide helpful, factual information to fellow parents. 


Pace University, 2007-2011
English Language and Literature, BA

Studied English, creative writing, and film writing while carrying out editorial internships at outlets including Seventeen and TV Guide. 


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