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Mom Began Prepping Baby For Their Night Routine While She Was Still Pregnant

...and it worked!

There's a lot to be said for babies remembering what goes on in the womb. Though people definitely have their own opinions on this topic, some moms have found that their babies calm down after hearing music that they listened to a lot while pregnant. There's a lot of anecdotes about this kind of phenomena out there, and some moms really try to take advantage of it while they can! 

Case in point: This mama on TikTok, who started preparing her baby for a bedtime routine before they even arrived in the outside world. While she was pregnant, she kept the same routine up, playing the same song... and then, she continued that routine after baby had been born.


In one clip, Mom is still sporting a baby bump as she puts lotion on her belly and sings along to Norah Jones' song, "Come Away With Me." The next clip is her holding her baby at bedtime and singing the same song to her as they both listen. According to the caption on the video, even now, it's the only song that calms her baby girl down.

We'll admit that Norah Jones is pretty calming in general... but it seems like this baby definitely remembers hearing this song before she got to meet her mama for the first time.

And just in case you're not convinced, several parents chimed in with comments on the video to say that the same thing has worked for them and their children. 

"I did this too, but ‘You and Me’ by Penny & The Quarters. I cried the first time it worked," one mom wrote.

This is such a sweet moment for this mom to share with her daughter. Maybe someday, she'll sing along with her mom, too.