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Parents Refuse to Have Birthday Parties for Their Kids

But they do this instead.

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How you choose to celebrate your kid's birthday is totally up to you, of course, but sometimes we feel pressure from family and friends (or just society) to do things a certain way. And while that's fine if you're really into big parties and whatnot, some families prefer to do things a little differently. Keep things a little smaller, more intimate.

In this video from @productivetoker, we learn why one family doesn't do traditional birthday parties. Instead, they do "birthday trips:" "No no shows or spending money on other people to enjoy our kids birthday so we spend the money to enjoy it as a family."

What a fun idea! There are so many ways you could go with this, too. The birthday boy or girl could be the one to pick the destination or design the trip, with every kid getting to take a turn on their birthday, or you could vote as a family, or you could have a big list of destinations to pick from...the possibilities are endless. 

Lots of commenters talked about doing similar things with their families, trading in big parties for "experiences" and going to fun places as a family. Some noted that their kids didn't want a big party (or even had social anxiety). Many of the families who took birthday trips talked about the amazing memories. And as one commenter put it, the important people in a child's life can make them feel loved on a daily basis, they shouldn't need a party to show how they feel. 

Birthday trips would be a blast to plan every year!

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