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Mom Shares Why She Absolutely Never Repeats Herself To Her Kids

There are three major reasons.

If you're a parent, there's a very good chance you repeat yourself multiple times a day. It's no secret that kids aren't always the best listeners — and even when they hear us, they don't always want to follow directions anyway. It's part of being a mom or dad! 

But there's one mom on TikTok who may have found the magic solution to getting our kids to listen the first time... and it's actually pretty simple. It's about breaking a habit, and honestly, we have no idea why we didn't come up with this ourselves. 

This mom never repeats herself, and shocker: It's actually made a big difference in her life as a parent. What?!


She explained her reasoning in the video, saying that repeating yourself "teaches your kids that you didn't mean what you said the first time." 

"It trains your kid not to listen to you until you say it for the 18th time, and probably by that time, you're yelling," she said. 

She also offered up some other advice, recommending that parents understand whether or not they're asking something that's developmentally appropriate for their child's age, and to keep your priorities in mind when making requests of kids. And after you make that request, that's it — no second chances.

"It's not about punishment, it's about helping," she said.

This is a perspective we definitely hadn't considered before, but it makes a lot of sense. And as tired as parents get of repeating themselves, it might be helpful to try this tip out ourselves.