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Kid Aggressively Pointing to No Solicitors Sign as Solicitors Approach is Just Too Perfect

This was just *chef’s kiss.*

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These days, marketing is mostly internet based, so we get a lot fewer random people knocking on our doors during the day, trying to sell us something. It does still happen from time to time, though, and it's definitely annoying. Somehow, solicitors only seem to ring the bell after we've just gotten a cranky kid down for a nap. 

Many people have turned to hanging up "no solicitors" signs at our front doors or on stakes in our yards to help combat that problem, but some solicitors ignore them and knock anyway. And when that happened at one mom's house, her son was there to remind them that they were breaking the rules in the most perfect way. 

In a video one mom shared to TikTok, 4-year-old little boy and his dog were at the glass storm door, watching as the group of men approached their house. He knew exactly who these strangers were, because he immediately pointed to the "no solicitors" sign that was hanging next to the front door in plain sight. This kid isn't messing around!

To make matters worse, the dog growled, and after a beat, the men gave the boy a thumbs up and left. We love how we can hear his mom cracking up in the background of the video! 

Honestly, this is the way that unwelcome solicitors should be dealt with, but we aren't all as frank as toddlers tend to be. It serves them right for ignoring the sign!

This little boy and his dog make a pretty good security system. Nobody's going to be approaching this house unsolicited on their watch!