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Teacher Has Classroom Make an Ofrenda Together and It’s Incredibly Moving

How beautiful is it that they have a space to remember their loved ones in school?

With Halloween just a few days away, it's also the time of the year that people are celebrating the Day of the Dead — or Día de los Muertos. This holiday is normally celebrated on November 1 and 2, and is a time when families in and from Mexico remember their lost loved ones and feel their presence strongly. And thanks to movies like Coco, this holiday has been introduced more widely to Americans in recent years, too. 

On TikTok, one teacher decided to take an element of the Day of the Dead and apply it to her own classroom. To go along with what they were learning in their social studies class, together, they made an Ofrenda — an altar made as an offering to those loved ones the students had who passed away. 


The Ofrenda included framed photos of people who the first graders in the class loved but had died, from grandparents to even pets. The table was decorated with traditional sugar skull imagery, and the fact that "Remember Me" from Coco was playing in the background of this video made it all the more emotional. 

It's also heartbreaking to think that these children already know so much about loss... and many people commented that this was a bit of a tearjerker for them to see.

"What an incredibly beautiful thing to do. I’m sure your students needed this! I wish I did when I was their age," one person wrote. 

This is such a special way for the children to learn about another culture's holiday, and to pay tribute to those they loved and lost at the same time. We love this idea!