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“Older Mom” Schools People Who Have the Audacity to Call Her a Grandmom

It costs nothing to be kind.

Everyone's path to motherhood is different. Some people have children before they're ready, some people plan out their families to the exact year (and hope all goes to plan). But no matter how or when a woman becomes a mother, she deserves respect and the space to parent the way she wants to parent. 

As @momthoughts explains in a video calling out people who call older moms "grandmas," she personally had a lot to do in her twenties before she felt ready to settle down. She needed to travel and study, and didn't even think of settling down until she was 29. She started dating, met her husband when she was in her early thirties, had three kids right away, and that brings us up to now: She's the mother of three young kids in her forties. 

She's so right: Lead with kindness. And consider that it might be your situation someday, too. 

Commenters totally understood where she was coming from, too. 
"I think people don’t understand that a geriatric pregnancy starts at 35!!!!!"
"40s isn't even old... why do people act like it's 80??"
"My mom had her kids at 33, 35, 37 (me) and 39. She’s 57 now. I’m glad she had us when SHE was ready to be a parent"
"I’m 36 with a newborn! I would have been a terrible mom in my 20s!"
"Im the opposite. My oldest will be 18 when im 38. And I get judged for being a young mom. Can’t win either way"

It's so true: You can't win either way. So you just have to parent the best way you know how!