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Mom Lets Toddler Hop On the "One Bad Word" Trend but His Response Is So Wholesome

Whew, really went for the neck there, huh?

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While all parents decide to handle "bad words" differently, for the most part, kids are discouraged from using what we'd consider cuss words across the board, especially when those words are used to hurt others. Like any other situation involving discipline, all parents approach the language their kids are and aren't allowed to use in their own way. But most kids know what the bad words are and that they'd probably get in trouble if they used them.

That's what makes the TikTok trend that's currently going around so hilarious. Parents are giving their kids the opportunity to say one bad word out loud, without getting in trouble for it... and the video starring this adorable toddler might be the purest one we've seen so far. 

In the video, Mom explains to her little boy that he's allowed to say one bad word, and at first, he's not sure what to say. Then, he comes up with the most negative thought he can muster at the time: "I think I don't like shoes." 

And then, more directly, he said, "Caiden, I don't like your shoes," making it very clear he was talking about his baby brother. Whoa, tell us how you really feel, buddy! 

This does make us wonder how long he's been trying not to admit how much he doesn't like his brother's shoes... but if this is the worst thing his brain could conjure, it really says a lot about what a sweet boy he is. And of course, people who have seen this video are loving it.

"I like that insults are just bad words to him," one commenter wrote.

May he always stay this pure! 

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