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Mom Swears By Putting Onions In Toddler’s Socks To Treat a Cold

It supposedly really works...

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Along with eating chicken noodle soup, drinking fluids, and getting plenty of rests, there are a lot of home remedies for illness out there. When it comes to sick toddlers, even colds can be tricky — depending on how old they are, there aren't all that many over the counter medications they can take to feel better the way older kids and adults can.

But the next time your child is ill and you're willing to try something a bit out of the box, you might want to give this trick a whirl. All you need to have on hand is a kitchen staple: onions. 


One mom who swears by this remedy explained herself on TikTok. She slices up onions and puts them in her daughter's socks to sleep in overnight.

"They're actually going to pull toxins out of her and the flavonoids are absorbed by the feet and fight viruses and bacteria and clean the blood," she said.

Apparently, this isn't a new trick — people in the comments admitted they've done the same thing (with some even using potatoes instead of onions).

Of course, there is no medical evidence backing this up — there's a good chance that if you try this, your kid will wake up still sick and with feet that smell like onions. The best person to give you advice about treating illness is always your pediatrician or family doctor, but it's definitely interesting to see the types of home remedies that people swear make a difference!