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Mom Learns “Fun” Postpartum Fact That Could Explain a Lot About Your Body

Who knew this?!

There are so many parts of pregnancy and birth that nobody tells you about... and then, you learn the hard way when you experience for yourself. There are even more fun surprises that come up as you recover from birth. No matter how few complications you suffer from, that postpartum time is always a trip! 

In this case, the "fun" fact in question is something that a mom learned a bit late... not that she could have done anything about it if she had known. It's all about how our bodies change after having babies — because you didn't think everything just settles down after birth, did you? 

In this TIkTok video, the mom wrote, "I just found out it takes 2 years for your organs to go back to their original placement after having a baby and I had 2 babies back to back." 

Of course, she didn't quote any doctors on this, so we're not sure how accurate it is — and obviously, moms who had vaginal births are going to heal differently than moms who had a c-section birth. But it does make sense that it would take awhile for things to go back to where they were once located inside your body. Carrying and then giving birth to a baby is a big deal, and to make room for an actual human in there, things to have to move... and then they have to move back, too.

Some moms took the opportunity to share their own postpartum healing experiences in the comments, while others took this video as a very important reminder to new moms.

"That's why you need to allow your body to fully heal inside and out," one commenter pointed out.

Pregnancy and birth are a big deal, so it's important to take care of your body as it heals. Being a mama is no joke!