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Touched Out and Overwhelmed Mom Reminds Fellow Parents It’s Ok to Take a Minute

We’ve all been there mama.

For moms of small children, being "touched out" and overwhelmed is a real thing. Sometimes a mom needs to be reminded that her body is her own and she belongs only to herself. But what's a mom to do when she can't go out for a couple of hours on her own and she's really hit her limit?

In this video from @ollierose_, we see a mom taking a moment to herself on the front porch while two out of three kids are clamoring for her attention just out of sight. Her kids are not being respectful, they're not giving her any space, and she's just got to have a little time to herself.


Smart lady! She probably knows that if she stays inside, she's just that much closer to losing her temper, which she doesn't want to do. So she's giving herself the time and space to cool down and get a different perspective on her children's behavior. She's also teaching her children that they can't just relentlessly push her around without some kind of consequence...that Mommy steps away for a minute and pulls herself together all by herself.

Commenters related with this mom in a serious way...
"I’ve never related to something so much. I feel this daily"
"I need a vacation. Kid and hubby free"
"the fact you can hear the banging in the background"
"this was ALL 3 of my kids today! I had to have my mom take the baby for a drive because I needed a few minutes."
"I had to "go potty" because I've heard "mom" 5262874 times and I've only been home for 2 hours from work"
"These kids are making this “gentle parenting” thing so damn hard"
"I hid in my younger sons room for 5 minutes today because my oldest took chapstick out of the tube and rubbed it all over himself"

Being a mom is hard work! Everybody needs a break, regularly...not just when they feel like they're going to lose their minds.