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Dad Cracks Up After Discovering Daughter Ran Herself a Bubble Bath, Complete With “Cheese Tray,” to Relax

How. Stinkin.' Cute.

It's always super adorable when little kids try their hand at self-care. First of all, it tells you they've been paying attention to your own bubble bath and face mask regime; second, it's just plain cute when little kids try to mimic grown-up behavior. (Well, usually.)

In this video from @brandon_rainwater, the dad has found his daughter's self-care set up. She's drawn herself a bubble bath, set up a "cheese tray" with cheese, crackers, Twizzlers and Snickers, and even gotten the sparkling grape juice and orange juice out for "mimosas" ("Who been drinking mimosas with my little girl?" the dad wanted to know). This little one definitely has her self-care game down. 


How adorable is that? It's also so cute how respectful her dad is of her whole agenda; even though obviously it's hilarious to him, he's speaking softly and not messing with her stuff because he knows this is super important to her. 

Commenters were so proud and inspired by this little girl's example.
"my girl!!! yesssss and the foil on the tray, yes princess we ain't need to do dishes after we relax"
"Love how you appreciate her and also respect her privacy :)"
"Mr. Sir that is not a cheese plate. That’s her charcuterie board and I’m dying at how cute this is"
"So FABULOUS! Everyone needs a bubble bath and mimosas sometimes."
"Baby girl knows! she understands the assignment. she needs some soft music too"
"We all get stressed. Keep supporting her self care, dad."

It's so important to have your loved ones supporting your self-care efforts, because it's tough to do it all on your own, especially when you're a little kid. Although this girl clearly has quite a bright future in self-care ahead!