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Parents Let Kids Use Power Tools to Build a Gorgeous Shelf


As a parent, it can be tough to know when your kid is ready to do something independently. Sometimes they seem to be very capable, but we might be a little afraid to give them the go-ahead to do certain things on their own. But it could be that we underestimate our children more often than not. 

When you see a video like this one from @rekindlefarm, it makes you aware of just how capable kids can really be and how much they can accomplish when they have the resources and the support they need. Seriously, what these kids do is pretty much mind-blowing. 


Is that shelf not the most gorgeous thing ever? These kids could just start a furniture-making business right now and be set for the rest of their lives. And all because their parents gave them access to powertools. Sure, as a parent it is somewhat frightening to watch footage of a kid with a power saw or whatever those tools are, but they seem to be pretty self-assured and well-trained on how to use these tools. 

While some commenters were a little nervous about the tools, the vast majority were just super impressed with these kids and the way they're being raised...
"The confidence that you just gave them to start projects and finish them"
"Why does this shelf make me wanna cry it’s so beautiful and they are incredible"
"Yes! Teach then babies to build!"
"Holy smokes. Stunning & inspiring! Well done!"
"This is absolutely beautiful! My parents let me use power tools as a kid as well and I’m so grateful they let me explore my creativity (safely ofc)"
"I hope it gets passed down through generations. what a beautiful thing for them to have and be proud of."
"This is sooo cool! Beautiful work and so special that the kids helped!"

It really is inspiring to see what kids are capable of doing, especially when you're fearful as a parent to let them do things that might be dangerous. With the right supervision, kids are unstoppable.