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Family Dresses Like Their Partners for Halloween and It’s Too Funny


The best parties are parties with a theme that everybody can get into. Like, not just a Halloween party, but a Halloween party with an extra twist...everybody comes dressed as their favorite character from a book or classic monster or whatever else. These themes help parties come together and make bonding even better. 

The family in this video from @cant.stop.wont.stop have the best theme ever for their Halloween party: Partners come dressed as each other. Brilliant! When you think about it, everybody has the costumes on hand already, and all the inspiration you need is right there. And funny?


Truly hilarious. Everybody looks so amused, too, to see their partners and everybody else dressed up as their partners. It's a genius idea. Especially because you know that these costumes must have inspired some impressions. Here's hoping they got everything on video. It's more than just an idea for Halloween costumes, it's like a social experiment on a family scale. What do partners really think of each other? You're sure to find out when they're dressed up in each other's clothes. 

Commenters loved the idea...
"Hahahahha “I don’t want to be on the internet”. So my mom!"
"This is an awesome idea love it"
"My husband and I need to join your family"
"Best thing I’ve seen on this app today."
"Omg I love this y’all killed it"
"This is gold"

So if you're looking for an idea to spice up your family's Halloween this year, there's always this one! With the exception of maybe a wig or two, you probably have everything you need for costumes in your closets already.