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Mom Films Her Heartfelt Apology for “Snapping” At Kid and It’s a Lesson In Humility We Can All Learn

Peaceful parenting doesn’t mean perfection 24/7

Even the most patient parents in the world occasionally snap. It's just part of being a parent, and a human being. Even the most well-behaved kids know what buttons to push, and there are going to be moments when things just implode. Every parent loses it, the important thing is that you take the time to reconnect with your kid afterward in a quiet moment and apologize. That's what @_littlepeoplebigemotions is going through with her son in this video...the aftermath of a moment when she just "snapped."


What a great way to handle the situation. Clearly the little boy is super upset, but the mom is the picture of calm (even if she lost her patience seconds earlier). She goes over what happened, explains why she did what she did, and gives a genuine apology...and of course by the end, her son has calmed down. No parent is perfect, but we can all make up for our mistakes. 

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