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Pediatricians Share the Things Parents Shouldn't Worry About While Their Kids Are Little

This is a major relief.

As a mom, it's totally natural to worry about everything, and that feels even more true when you're a new mom, doing all of this for the very first time. There's no road map or guidebook to parenthood, after all — and social media seems to be telling us to worry about things like screen time and naps during our every waking hour.

Fortunately, as it turns out, most of us are probably putting a lot of undue pressure on ourselves. According to a TikTok recently shared by a couple of pediatricians, there are a lot of things they aren't concerned about that parents can probably stop worrying about quite so much. 


On their account, ThePediPals shared a video set to Hot Chelle Rae's "Tonight, Tonight," pointing out what things are "whatever" and don't matter to them.

On the list? Getting a one-off diaper rash because they didn't change their kid fast enough, not handling a tantrum well, and missing a nap. They also shut down the idea of someone saying they're not a good parent — those words are not allowed around here! 

We have to admit that this video is a welcome breath of fresh air. Everything can easily become so overwhelming as a parent, so it's good to know that there are things that not even pediatricians are breaking a sweat about.

It'll all get easier someday. In the meantime... try not to stress!