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Photographer Reveals How She Handles Dads Who Throw Tantrums During Family Photoshoots

“During our shoot, I’m the daddy.”

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When you think of someone throwing a tantrum during a family photoshoot, you're no doubt picturing a baby or a toddler having a fit in front of the flashbulbs. Some small person who's not at all in the mood to have their picture taken. In other words, if you're talking about family photoshoots and bad behavior, it's got to be the kids at fault, right?

Except according to some professional photographers on TikTok, it's not the kids who are causing the problems. It's the dads. As @bigeyedamybeth explains in this video, dads are pretty much notorious for acting like big babies during these family photoshoots, and even though she has her tricks to help put dads in a better mood, if she has to she'll just kick them out of the shot. Why document more of men ruining something? she asks. Which is a great question.

Can you imagine grown men putting up such a stink about cooperating? And we expect our toddlers to pose and smile and be in a good mood and get that perfect shot...meanwhile, dads can't even be bothered to put on a happy face. Sheesh. No wonder this photographer gets a little fed up from time to time. You don't expect to have to "handle" your adult subjects in the same way you do little kids or pets. 

Quite a few commenters just couldn't understand why a father would put up such a fuss about taking some photos with his family, with many suggesting the pics of the moms and kids would be nice to have "after the divorce." Some made jokes about hiring a handsome stand-in. Others were more compassionate to camera-shy dads, saying that families should just have photo shoots without the fathers if they really don't want to be in them. But making the most sense of all were the dads who chimed in to say that they didn't love getting their pictures taken, but it's still worth doing it to have the memories with their families later. 

That's definitely a better way to handle the situation than getting kicked out by the photographer!