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Photographer Mom Believes She’s Shooting Someone Else’s Proposal When It Turns Out It Was Her Own

Her boyfriend turned fiancé had it all set up with the help of her two boys.

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It's easy to see why marriage proposals are always going viral, especially when there are cute kids involved. Seeing the way someone chooses to ask the person they love to spend the rest of their lives together is always going to be special, and it's even more meaningful when they include the kids. Whether they share their children or are blending families, getting engaged means marrying a whole family, not just Mom or Dad. 

During these proposals, the one doing the asking usually hires a photographer to hide somewhere and capture the moment. Knowing how common that is, we can totally see why this photographer who's going viral on YouTube had no idea that the proposal happening that day was hers! 

In an epic act of photographer-ception, someone was photographing her while she was waiting to photograph the couple she thought was getting engaged to come over the hill. The look of absolute shock — turned to so much emotion — that happened when she realized what was going on was worth all the planning that had to have been required to make this happen! 

Joined by her sons, her boyfriend got down on one knee and asked him to marry her... and the rest of her family was waiting to surprise her after she said yes. Does this guy know how to pull off a proposal or what? 

And if this doesn't have you emotional enough, the video also included the audio her new fiancé recorded of himself asking her boys for permission to marry their mom... OMG. 

Their life together is off to such a sweet start. Photographers out there in serious relationships... be on guard at all times. Just in case!