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Dad Transforms Pickup Truck Into Pool and the Kids Are Loving It

That’s one way to keep them busy!

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Now that summer is finally here, a lot of parents out there will find themselves inflating pools and filling water balloons. It can be both a blessing and a curse; water keeps even the littlest members of our families entertained during a time we're looking for fun summer activities to fill the days, but it also means our kids are begging to go outside from the time they wake up until their heads hit the pillow at night.

This is where one very creative dad comes in. Instead of filling up the kiddie pool, he made his own pool in the bed of his pick-up truck. Because why not?


“She said go do something outside with the kids,” says the text on the video, and the sentence is finished in the caption: “she never said what.” Um, something tells us that swimming in the back of Dad’s truck probably isn’t what this dude’s wife had in mind, but the kids definitely seemed to be having a blast anyway.

In fact, judging by their happy splashes, this looks like it was a day neither of the boys in the video will soon forget — and with more than 12.7k likes on the video, we have a feeling that this dad likely inspired a few others with his idea of fun on a hot summer day.

Pick-up truck pools might not be the norm, but we can't knock a dad who found a way to keep his kids entertained (and out of of their mom's hair) with some unconventional fun.