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Mom Carries Around a Garlic Press With Her for a Genius Reason

This is especially helpful for picky eaters

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When you're trying to transition a baby from the bottle to solid foods, there are all kinds of tricks and tips that you figure out along the way to make things easier. Sure, in the beginning, you're pureeing special meals for your baby and driving yourself crazy by packing little containers of things if ever you want to leave the house. But at some point, you find ways to do the solid food thing that are a little easier.

Like the mom in this video from @annalanier2. She came up with a genius idea, one you can use just as easily at a restaurant or a friend's house or at home. It involves a garlic press, an appliance that doesn't generally get a ton of use, since there's only one thing you can do with it...except it turns out you actually can do more than one thing with it.

Such a clever idea, right? As the mom says, this is such a great way to get your baby used to eating the same kind of foods that you do (because we all know the goal is to not have to cook a million separate dinners every night). 

A mild debate broke out in the comments over the benefits of pureed food versus baby led weaning (BLW), which substitutes purees with bite-sized finger foods. Some pro-BLW moms insisted that purees are unnecessary. But at the end of the day, you should do whatever works for you and your baby, and if you're more comfortable with purees that's perfectly fine! And now you have a little hack to make it easier. 

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