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This Hack For Getting Picky Eaters to Try New Foods is So Easy

It even got one toddler to try smoked salmon.

Once our babies start solid foods and turn into toddlers who only eat solids, one of the most stressful things about parenting can easily be what and how much they eat. Where we once relied on formula or breastmilk, we now have to hope they're getting enough nutrition from the foods they agree to eat, seemingly on a whim — and it doesn't help that plenty of parenting influencers out there make picky eating seem like the end of the world! 

But if you're hoping to get your kiddo to branch out from foods like mac and cheese and chicken nuggets, there are still plenty of techniques you can try. One mom on TikTok even managed to get her son to eat smoked salmon with this helpful trick


After giving him a plate full of foods he already likes, Mom (who also happens to be a feeding therapist) gave her toddler a piece of smoked salmon on a toothpick. At first, she didn't even ask him to eat it — she gave him the option to poke it or to smell it, even getting his toys from the Pixar movie Cars involved to make it seem more fun. 

Ultimately, he chose to take a bite all on his own, and even ended up asking for more. What is this magic?!

Obviously, this won't work quite this well with every single kid, but it does give us a few ideas to try during the next meal time. Making it fun and keeping it stress-free and low pressure seem to be key. We could all use more of that.