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Mom Rewards Son With Piercing He’s Wanted for a Long Time and His Reaction Is So Sweet

He was both scared and excited!

Sometimes, kids really deserve a great big surprise. As parents, we can forget how hard it is to be a kid and go to school; there are a lot of demands made on them all day long, and even though they don't technically have many responsibilites, there are lots of expectations placed on kids. So when they're really knocking it out of the park, it's nice to show them how proud you are of all they do.

That's the story in this adorable video from @ookay_la. She just had a conference with her son's teacher and found out that he'd been doing great in school, so she decided to give him something he'd been wanting for a really long time, something that was going to be a birthday present...ear piercings. His reaction was quite possibly the sweetest thing ever.


He was so happy!! The most heartbreaking part was when he asked his mom why she was spoiling him. Aww! So humble and thankful. He's the kind of kid you'd actually want to spoil because he's just so lovely.

Commenters loved this boy and his energy...
"He *earned* that omg the pride"
"I absolutely adore that kids energy for one, and for two props to mama for going to the shop!"
"He's so cute. Unapologetically himself, with a mom who truly sees him."
"heck yeah he looks so happy!! and that was a great idea letting him have them as a reward for doing so great in school, that's how my mom did it too"
"all of this is gold. I wish I could like this twice. rock on little dude!"

Such a great story. It's impossible to look at that boy's face and not feel all his happiness.