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Mom Reveals to Son What the “Piggy Going to Market” Really Means and He’s Hilariously Horrified

Were you also today years old when you learned this?

It's certainly not lost on us that a lot of the nursery rhymes we loved as kids actually have much darker meanings. Songs like "Ring Around the Rosie" and "Baa Baa Black Sheep" aren't exactly as innocent as they may have sounded during our childhood. And "This Little Piggy?" Uh, yeah, it's not exactly just a way to count a baby's toes.

One mom recently shared the real meaning behind the rhyme with her son, documenting it all for TikTok. She and her kid were taking about things they learned "embarrassingly late in life," and for her, it was what the piggy going to the market actually meant. The kicker? He had no idea, so we got to see him find out on camera.


Mom confessed that she thought the little pig going to market was just going grocery shopping. "I didn't think that he was getting slaughtered," she said, and the look on her son's face proves that he didn't think that, either. OMG! 

He's absolutely stunned, and according to the comments on the video, he isn't the only one who just came to that realization in that moment. Oof. 

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"Well that really ruined the nursery rhyme for me. I always imagined him carrying a little basket for produce and everything," one person wrote. 

Another said, "So did I until I saw this. I’m 44!"

At least he wasn't alone in this. We'll never hear "This Little Piggy" the same way again. Yikes.

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