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Seriously Unimpressed Baby Has No Time for Mom’s Silly Games

That was a pity laugh and we all know it.

Babies are so pure. Their reactions are always 100 percent genuine and honest, right?They never act a certain way just to be polite or because they don't want to hurt someone's feelings. Right?

Maybe not. In this video from @mirandapygottt, a mom is trying to entertain her baby with a toy dinosaur, making him roar and whatnot. She's doing the kind of thing that would make the average baby laugh, probably. But maybe her baby has just seen this one too many times, or maybe he's just not in the mood, but his reaction most likely took his mom by surprise.


Did it not sound like that baby just said, "Meh?" Or maybe that was just an attempt at a polite laugh. Clearly he does not want to make his mom feel bad, and he knows he's supposed to be laughing at what she's doing, but he is just not amused. What are you gonna do? Better to have an honest kid than a phony, right? He's at least trying. And he's absolutely communicating his feelings

Commenters were totally amused by this precocious little guy:
"The pity laugh"
"It’s the shoulder shrug for me"
"He’s like 'that’s all you got, weak' so cute"
"I just saw his whole future flash by. He's going to be a rich man."
"i love the way they looked the toy up and down before responding. The sass"
"Him: “ I guess she tried"

At least he's acknowledging his mom's effort, even if he isn't going out of his way to act convincingly entertained. Maybe he's just not into dinosaurs. Or maybe mom has pulled this one out one too many times before. Either way, maybe mom needs some new tricks.