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Mom Captures Baby Hysterically “Planking” On Sleeping Grandpa

TBH they both look so comfy.

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Though there are certainly babies out there who try to avoid sleeping as much as possible, when they do finally nod off, they've been known to get into some pretty wild positions. Once they're old enough to roll and move around, babies sleep in ways that seem so uncomfortable to adults. This seems to happen even more often during naps! 

One (very adorable) example of this can be found in a sweet TikTok video that one mom shared on the app. She caught her baby sleeping on his grandpa, and it totally looked like he was trying to plank. 

We have no idea how this was comfortable for either of them, especially the baby, but we can't deny that this baby and his grandpa are too cute napping together. As Mom wrote in her caption, he was basically "defying gravity," and it only gets better as you keep watching and realize that she stitched the video together with a video from a year ago, showing them sleeping together in the exact same position.

Looks like this is part of their bond at this point! 

People in the comments couldn't hide how much they're loving this video, with so many sharing how heartwarming they thought this moment was.

"I guarantee if that kid moves, his hands shoot out and catch him. It's a dad's instinct that only improves by becoming grandpa," one person wrote. 

It's beautiful that this mom has moments like this captured on video. We know she'll treasure it forever — and so will that baby when he grows up and gets to look back on it, too.