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“Extra” Mom Who’s Potty Training Toddler Gets Him His Own Bathroom Setup

And it’s functional!

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When it comes to toddler milestones, potty training is a big one — and it can often be stressful for both the parent and the little one who's learning how to ditch their diapers. It can be tough to tell exactly when your tot is ready to take this big step. Some kids take to it right away and love feeling like a big kid who uses the potty, while others might struggle with the process a bit more.

There are all kinds of methods when it comes to teaching your kiddo all about the potty, and the right one to use will depend on the parent and the kid in question. But after seeing the set up this very extra mom on TikTok came up with for her toddler, we might want to follow in her footsteps. 

In the regular bathroom, she set up a special area for her son where everything he needed to go potty was on his level. This included a toddler-sized training potty, which is pretty typical, but she really went the extra mile by including a toddler sized sink and mirror so he can wash his hands and brush his teeth himself... and the sink really works! 

Even more adorable is the fact that the mini sink came with a toy hair dryer that turns on and makes noise, along with a plastic comb and fake razor so he can pretend to shave. He's going to feel so grown up! 

Sure, like she admitted in the video, it is a little extra... but if she's having fun with it and it makes the process easier for her kiddo to adapt to, it's worth it.

This is such a fun way to encourage the transition to using the potty while making him feel special, all at the same time. He must love this!