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Mom’s Poo-Poo Fairy Hack Might be the Answer to Everyone’s Potty Training Problems

Listen, game recognize game!

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There are a lot of challenging toddler stages, but one of the biggest ones has to be potty training. Of course, the experience is different for all kids and their parents, and given how stressful it can be, it makes sense that a lot of us dread when that time finally comes. But fortunately, now that other parents are sharing what they've learned along the way online, we have more access to tips and tricks than ever before.

Case in point: The hack this mom on TikTok used that ended up being a game changer for her daughter. She told her that the Poo-Poo Fairy was coming to see her, and while this might sound a bit out of the box, stick with her — there's a very good chance it's going to work just as well for other kids, too. 

The Poo-Poo Fairy is very similar to the Tooth Fairy, and once you hear the full story, you'll understand. If her daughter is able to poop and pee in the potty, she will wake up the next morning to find a gift from the fairy under her pillow. Even as she was explaining this, her daughter started getting really excited, so we can see it's already working!

In a follow up video, Mom revealed that the fairy idea worked, and that day she'd had more success going to the potty than ever before. It's no surprise that fellow parents are already loving this idea and planning to try it out themselves, as they wrote in the comments.

"I’m a mom of 5 and I approve this message! This is great positive reinforcement," one person wrote.

Never underestimate the power of bribery. We are not above using new toys to make potty training easier!

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