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Mom Fearlessly Flaunts Postpartum Belly to Remind Women There’s No Thing As a ‘Bad’ Body


Having a baby changes the way that we look at our own bodies. Pregnant folks watch their uteruses expand, their organs shift, and their body do things that are downright miraculous. So why is it the moment the baby comes out, we are so focused on critiquing ourselves in a negative light? We shame our new shapes and stripes, we beat ourselves up for growing in size, and when you think about it it’s pretty silly. 

Part of the reason we don’t do ourselves justice is due to the fact that we don’t physically see people who look like us in mainstream media. But social media is at at least doing its part to make a difference. Especially women like @preciousmarieex who took part in an online challenge to show off their mom-bodies unabashedly. 


Hiding nothing, this mama rubs and flaunts her stretch-marked tummy in a loving manner. Since she is only one month postpartum, you can see her belly is naturally distended and swollen, and she doesn’t even try to suck it in. And TikTok followers were absolutely in love with the realness.

“You make me feel more comfortable with my mom bod,” wrote one follower. “You’re gorgeous.”

“Takes months for abs to go back where they belong, uterus to settle and skin to tighten up(maybe never completely),” reminded another. “Take it easy on yourselves.”

Yes, they couldn’t be more right. Every body is different. The only thing all bodies share is the right to be loved and respected just as they are.