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Potty Training Parents Absolutely Need This Portable Potty Seat

This comes in clutch during that time.

There are a ton of methods to potty train, but ultimately, no matter which you try, each potty training kiddo will face this moment: Potty-ing in public. Doing so in public restrooms can be pretty scary, and the germs aren’t exactly a bonus either. Rather than becoming a hermit during this developmentally crucial phase, a mom on TikTok shared her favorite product that lets her travel with her potty-training kiddos with ease.


This pop up potty is absolutely perfect for families on the go. Be it a long road trip or a simple jaunt to the local mall, these seats help make sure that the little ones always have somewhere to do their business. What we love most about it is its ability to fold up and be tucked away into a purse or baby bag. We also long how it comes with a disposable diaper-material bag so waste is sanitarily disposed of. 

The seat itself runs at about $18 and comes in a variety of colors. What is even cooler is it can serve as a potty booster seat too!

Moms everywhere were officially screaming that they needed it.

“This is still good for those that are already potty trained so they won’t have to sit on a public toilet,” wrote one.

When you’re in a jam this thing could definitely come in handy.

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