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Dan Pranks Young Son Into Thinking He’s Alone With the Baby and He’s Both Impressed and Horrified By What He Sees While "Spying" On Him

Can’t say this kid isn’t a real big brother.

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No matter when you choose to have another child, there are both upsides and downsides to any kind of age gap you choose. But something special about spreading your kids out a bit is really getting to see your oldest child thrive in their new role as big brother or big sister. They often get excited to help out with their new little sibling — and what new parent is going to turn that kind of offer down? 

But this dad really took his son's willingness to pitch in with his baby sister to another level while playing a prank on him. He pretended like he was leaving him alone with the baby, and shared the results in a video on TikTok. 

In the beginning of the video, the little boy is sitting on the couch, feeding his little sister a bottle when Dad asks if it's okay if he runs to the store. Surprisingly, his only concern was that he wouldn't be able to reach the changing table, but he was okay with it when his dad suggested to pull up a chair to stand on.

Then, Dad left the house, but he kept supervising them through the window to see what would happen next. His son actually believed that he was really leaving the two of them alone! When he was done feeding her, he put her on a bean bag and dragged her into her nursery instead of carrying her, and went to get a chair to change her, just like his dad told him to.

That's when Dad decided to intervene and let him know it was just a joke. He might have been pulling a prank, but he did learn that this big brother is all in. His little sis is lucky to have him! 

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