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Dad Pratfalls After Daughter Whacks Him With a Toy But He Definitely Wasn’t Expecting Her Reaction

Immediately the guilt set in

Playing pretend is a favorite little kid activity, and there's nothing kids love to pretend to do more than fake battle with faux weapons. Of coures, when you're playing with a preschooler, they get that everything is just pretend. They know that plastic swords don't really cut and that when somebody falls down "dead" they're just playing possum. But when you bring younger toddlers into the mix who are a little more fuzzy on the difference between fantasy and reality, you can run into some issues. That's what happened in this painfully funny video from @xelaschex71. It was just your standard, run-of-the-mill swipe from a toy lightsaber, but when dad took the hit, little sister had second thoughts. 


Aww. Poor little thing! She's just heartbroken. She has no idea her dad is pretending, and she's panicking. What did she just do to daddy?? Those are some sorry tears right there. If daddy wakes up, she's definitely not hitting him with a lightsaber again anytime soon. She might stay away from lightsabers for good after this (although she is pretty young, and there's also a good chance she'll completely forget this ever happened). Either way, maybe dad should be less dramatic next time. 

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