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Idaho Mom Captures Pregnant Sister’s Reaction to Learning She’s Having a Baby Too

“Excited” is an understatement.

Finding out someone you love is pregnant is exciting enough, but being able to share that moment by being pregnant too is a whole different level. Expecting a baby is an important, all-encompassing experience that can also be a little isolating... unless you have someone close to you who also understands what it's like.

As one woman shared on TikTok, she was able to surprise her pregnant sister with an announcement of her own, which means they'll get to share the milestones and the joy (and, let's face it, the uncomfortable parts, too) that come with being pregnant together. This is so sweet! 

Seeing her sister's reaction is too priceless.


She shared the news in the most adorable way. Her daughter showed up to her aunt's house wearing a shirt that said she was going to be a big sister... and the look of shock that crossed this woman's sister's face is too good. There's no way she could have suspected this! 

And yes, there were tears involved, along with actual jumping up and down. It's hard to tell if she's more excited or more just in disbelief, but either way, this is a moment they're going to remember forever.

Watching this video definitely made people emotional, and more than one person said it made them cry. "I'm over here crying like the sister I don’t have did the same thing to me!" one user wrote.

Not only do these sisters have the gift of experiencing pregnancy together, but their little ones will also be close in age, and hopefully best friends. Here's hoping they have healthy and happy pregnancies!