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Mom-to-Be Announces Pregnancy to Twin and Her Reaction Is Everything

We love sweet pregnancy announcements like this

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When you find out you're pregnant, there's a whole list of people to share the news with...and some are more important than others. Your significant other is naturally right at the top of the list; usually parents are up there pretty high too. But what if you have a twin sibling? Would they come before anybody else? Whatever the case, when @luciebfink found out she was pregnant, she didn't wait for the absolutely perfect moment when everything was quiet and serene to tell her twin sister. In fact, her twin was blasting a song on noise-canceling headphones when she decided to break the news.  


Clearly her sister doesn't think she's lip-reading anything all that important. Maybe it's just another TikTok thing her sister is doing, no big deal. But when she actually figures it out, the excitement on her face is just so sweet and genuine. That hug! One of the sweetest sister moments ever. It seems safe to say that this aunt-to-be is going to be very involved in her sister's pregnancy and will probably be a huge help to her when the little one arrives. That's what twin sisters are for, right? That and funny TikTok videos.