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Watch Pregnant Woman Absolutely Kill It When She’s Brought On Stage to Dance

Girl, when I was pregnant, I struggled getting off the couch for a snack!

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Let's be honest: Pregnancy is hard on our bodies. That giant belly can make even getting out of bed an event every morning, and don't get us started on all the random aches and pains, some of which last the entire nine months. Of course, staying active does make the whole experience a little easier — for those of us who can muster up the energy to do so, anyway.

And just in case anyone needs an example of a pregnant lady who's out there killing it, look no further than this TikTok video from Todrick Hall, who shared what happened when he invited his very pregnant friend on stage to dance with him. 


"When I invited my pregnant friend to come onstage and she understood the assignment," Todrick captioned the video, showing the woman, Liv Quantrill, shaking it for the crowd.

Yep, we're impressed — just watching her up there is making us tired! In the interest of full disclosure, it's probably important to mention that she is a professional dancer, but while being that pregnant, this goes beyond what we'd expect even from someone who does this for a living!

"That kid will never fully understand how cool their mom is," one commenter wrote among a sea of people practically lining up to share how amazing they think this dancer is.

We might need a nap after seeing her bust a move, but it looks like she's feeling pretty good, despite carrying around that bump. Good for her!