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Pregnant Mom Pranks Husband During Her TikTok Dance And His Face Says It All

Man felt every emotion he could…

Pregnancy can be a rough time on your body and your mind as you prepare to bring new life in the world, but we can't deny that it comes with a few perks, including the ability to seriously prank anyone in your life. No, for real — it happens! 

Take this expectant mom on TikTok, for example. While she had her husband watch her while she was filming a dance for the platform, she pretended like something had gone wrong, and watching his face as he takes in the situation is just too good to put into words. 

Watch the video, and keep an eye on his face the whole time. You will not regret it.


"Told him I wanted to show him a dance... he's so done with me," she wrote.

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We see this poor man go from entertained to panicked to relieved to annoyed in such a short period of time, so we have to hope that he was able to laugh about it later on! 

"His reaction is actually so sweet though!" one commenter wrote, while many others were simply just impressed that she could still dance like that with her baby bump. 

At least this mama has kept her sense of humor through all the ups and downs that come with pregnancy... and her husband will forgive her eventually. LOL!

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