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Mom Tells 16-Year-Old She’s Pregnant and Her Response Was Hysterical

LOL, you have to admit that was good.

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When most of us have another baby, we're telling little kids the big news, and of course, that's part of the fun. Though some of them will (understandably) struggle with such a huge adjustment, others will be over-the-top excited, making that announcement a fun one to make. 

And then, there are those of us who have huge age gaps between children, and somehow, that announcement is even better. For example, one mom on TikTok got to break the news to her 16 year old daughter that another baby was on the way, and at that age, she had enough to have the most hilarious response to the news.


She told her by presenting her with a wrapped gift that really ended up being her positive pregnancy tests, and at first, just seeing the look on the teen's face is enough. And then after freaking out with excitement, she says, "No wonder you've been a b-tch!" 

Well, fair enough. The first trimester of pregnancy is rough, y'all... those who have been through it know that it's not a time when you're the nicest person you've ever been. LOL! 

Commenters admitted that when they shared similar news with their teenagers, it did not go this well. 

"That was not how my 16 year old reacted," one fellow mom commented, with another adding, "My daughter said 'I can't believe you and Dad are still doing it.'" 

This baby is going to have an awesome big sister (who happens to also have a good sense of humor). Lucky kid!