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Dad Has Sweetest Reaction to Hearing His 3-Year-Old Daughter Say She Doesn’t Feel Pretty

This broke all our hearts.

It's important to make sure our daughters know that they are smart, brave, and strong — but all parents think their little girls are beautiful, too. Sure, being pretty definitely isn't everything, but many parents of daughters work hard to make sure that their kiddos feel beautiful, too, along with all of their other great qualities. Every little girl deserves that! 

So when one dad found out that his daughter wasn't feeling her best, he immediately sprang into action. Her mom shared what he did to cheer her up in a video on TikTok, and it ended in the sweetest moment ever.


This mom shared that she texted her husband, who was at work, that their 3-year-old daughter said that she didn't feel pretty and didn't want to look in the mirror, which is so heartbreaking to hear. Of course, Dad was heartbroken too, and even though Mom just asked him to remind her that she's beautiful when he got home that day, he went above and beyond.

When he came home from work, he brought his daughter a bouquet of flowers and a big hug, and judging by the giant smile on her face, it looks like his efforts to cheer her up worked. 

Not only did fellow dads in the comments admit that this encouraged them to do the same for their daughters, but so many people were touched by his gesture.

"YESSSS!!! A daddy teaching his princess how to be treated like a queen!" one person wrote. 

A queen indeed. We hope she's feeling better and enjoying her pretty flowers!