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Video Of Little Girl Seeing Her Mom As a Bride Is Pure Magic

It’s as if she saw an IRL princess.

Many brides dream of looking like a princess on their wedding day — the big fluffy dress, gorgeous hair and makeup, and sometimes even accessorizing with a tiara is a given for a lot of people planning their future wedding. But obviously, this mom on TikTok really hit the mark... just ask her daughter! 

In a sweet video of a wedding that was shared on the app, we get to see a daughter's first look with her mom on the day her mom got married, and we have to admit that it totally blows all other types of first looks out of the water. 


The look on her face was so sweet, and we're glad the video gave us a glimpse of the bride, too, because she looked gorgeous for her big day. Seeing her mom all dressed up like that must have been so cool, especially on a day that meant a lot to their family.

So many people were touched by the video and shared their thoughts.

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"The facial expressions on this angels face are telling the whole story," one person commented, while another added, "her silence spoke a thousand words we all understood." 

This is such a sweet memory for this mother and daughter to share, and how cool is it that they get to have it on video to watch back forever? 

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