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Woman Absolutely Delighted When Little Girl Mistakes Her for IRL Princess Jasmine

These two were destined to meet.

One of the best things about little kids is their ability to believe in magic and the idea that they could find it anywhere... even while walking down the street. It's why it's so adorable when they see a woman in a fancy dress and assume she's a princess, and as adults, we never want them to lose that spark. 

But it wasn't just a core memory day for one little girl who thought she spotted Princess Jasmine while out and about — it was a special moment for the woman she met, too. As she shared on TikTok, one lady was mistaken for the princess from Aladdin and she totally rolled with it, creating a really adorable video. 


"The brown girl in me healed the day I got recognized as Princess Jasmine," she wrote over the video. 

It's easy to see why the little girl would think that; she's gorgeous and wearing an outfit similar to what Jasmine wears in the movie. But it was extra special to see the way that she kneeled down and talked to her, both of them blowing each other kisses. This is so adorable! 

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A lot of people who saw the video are very touched by it. 'This little girl told me I looked like a princess with my curly hair… I had to hold back so many tears. I was just her age when I was bullied for it," one person wrote. 

It seems like this was a big deal for the Princess Jasmine in question, too. 

There is no doubt that this is an experience neither of them will ever forget. What a cool memory to have! 

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